You've spent countless hours building your business. Now, it's time to call in a partner to help get the word out.

Point3 Consulting develops and executes digital-focused marketing plans for our partners to ensure increased revenue and future viability.

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Our Services

A fully-integrated company


Brand Positioning

The Brand Positioning service from Point3 will provide you with an audit of all marketing elements of your business - from your logo, to your newsletter and Twitter feed, to your signage - ensuring that each clearly conveys your business proposition and offer enhancements along the way, if needed.

The Point3 Brand Positioning service will help quickly determine what the immediate needs for your business are and what assets are already available to you. From this, Point3 can determine how best to proceed with increasing traffic to your business or sales to your bottom line.


Awareness Marketing

If consumers don’t know about you, they’ll never do business with you.

With our Awareness marketing service, Point3 will develop a plan to ensure your business is leveraging the best blend of advertising possible to attract new clients while staying top of mind with your current customer base.


Performance Advertising

“Did my campaign work? Was it better than the last one?”

Performance campaigns from Point3 will answer these questions and provide the insights you need to further improve the next round.

If your advertising isn’t increasing your revenue, it’s hurting your bottom line.


Ad Tech Consulting

Every week it seems like there is a new technology to help communicate and connect with your clients: DMPs, SSPs, DSPs, LMOPs…

Point3 will evaluate your technology choices and help you choose the best partner for your business. Additionally, Point3 can assist in contract negotiations to ensure the most favorable terms with your new partner.

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About Us

Providing the services you need

Point3 Consulting is founded in the belief that every business deserves an ad agency partner even if they don't have a multi-million dollar spend.

As a battle-tested member of both the ad agency and tech industries, Will Riegel strives to provide all clients with an effective, interesting, and affordable advertising campaign tailored to meet their specific needs.

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